Midway Storage

Is your garage getting overran by heaps of old furniture, high-school memories and grandma's old rocking chair? For 20 years Midway Storage has been helping people just like you store their property. Their old website was outdated and had poor navigation that made it hard to find any information quickly. Designs By AHA designed a web site that shows their professionalism, experience and warm personality with a simple layout and rich colors.



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5 page static website

multiple device compatibility





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Desktop, tablet and phone designs for Midway Storage's website


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Tired of having to zoom in every time you view a web site on your mobile device? That is why AHA offers separate layouts for tablets and phones.


Don't worry if you have a Blackberry or an iPhone 6, AHA's mobile sites work on everyone's phone so no one is left behind!

Mobile Site

Midway Storage's Logo
Two pages on Midway Storage's Website
Midway Storage's phone layout

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